Friday, September 19, 2008


I've made chainrings from 60t to 120t in 110, 130, and 135 five bolt BCD, and 94, 104, and Rotor crank four bolt BCD. I make all my chainrings out of 3/16 7071 aluminum with dual Lexan chaingaurds. Chainrings start at $250.

These are primarily used for single chainring applications, they do not have any shift ramps or pins, but the teeth are machined offset to the inside for use in double chainring applications. I have used them in double chainring applications and they shift ok, though not as quick or clean as a ramped and pinned chainring. You should note that your rear derailer will only compensate for a 24-35t change in gearing if you're considering running a double chainring setup.

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